Mick Fleetwood to host '24 Hours with Mick'

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
The drummer will handpick guests to interview

Since the exciting news was announced that Fleetwood Mac would reunite and start touring, Mick Fleetwood managed to take on another project as the host of 24 Hours with Mick.

The new TV show will focus on a series of specials where the drummer and founder of Fleetwood Mac will spend the day with the show's guests, attempting to get a deeper look inside their head and how they think, according to Rolling Stone.

"The series will showcase an eclectic lineup of interview subjects from a variety of fields, including music and entertainment to technology and politics, art, architecture and more," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A premiere date hasn’t been released to the public yet, but it is confirmed that Fleetwood will record the show at his home in Hawaii and also while on the road with the band — he even has the luxury of handpicking his guests.

Fleetwood Mac now has tickets on sale for another tour — their first with Christina McVie since she decided to end her part in the band in 1998.



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