Mike Woodson refuses to speak with Phil Jackson until status is clear (Reports)

By Ian O'Brien,

The New York Knicks missed the playoffs for the first time since the 2009-10 season, and many fans are expecting head coach Mike Woodson to be fired.

Woodson seems to believe that his job is in danger as well, because he is reportedly refusing to meet with new president Phil Jackson until he receives clarification on his status, according to Sports Illustrated. Steve Kerr is expected to receive the post if Woodson is fired.

ESPN reports that Woodson would prefer that Jackson tell his agent that he is being fired if that is the case.

Jackson and Woodson are expected to speak over the phone on Friday to plan a meeting or work out the terms of Woodson's coaching status.

Woodson has coached the Knicks for the past two seasons since Mike D'Antoni resigned in 2011. The Knicks won a playoff series last season, which was their first over the past 13 seasons. They won 54 games that season to take an Atlantic Division title, but this season they largely struggled, even in the weak Eastern Conference.



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