'The Mindy Project' recap: 'Be Cool/Girl Crush'

By Lauren Wheeler,

There were two very, very different episodes of The Mindy Project this week. That makes the recap very difficult. So, I’ll recap them separately. First, we’ll look at “Be Cool,” and then we’ll talk about “Girl Crush.”

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Side note, I’ll be happy when it goes back to one episode of Mindy a night. While it is awesome and hilarious to have an hour of Mindy, it is jarring to have such different stories in one night.

Be Cool

The episode begins on an adorable note. Danny and Mindy are having breakfast together. He is fixing her breakfast and it is cutely domestic. However, Danny ruins the mood. He says that he wants to keep his relationship with Mindy a secret from the practice.

Mindy goes to her apartment and realizes that she was robbed. She goes to work and tells everyone. Surprisingly, Morgan, instead of Danny, says that he will stay and make sure that she is okay.

When Morgan stays the night, she finds a pair of Danny’s scrubs and Peter’s pen. Morgan figures that Mindy and Peter are sleeping together, so he tells Jeremy.

On top of that, Danny’s ex shows up. Brooke, a drug rep, has returned and believes that she and Danny can pick up where they left off. Mindy gets jealous. And, when she begins to tell the group that she and Danny are dating, he stops her. Danny says that they’re holding a party and Brooke ends up taking the invitation to the party as a date.

Seeing Danny flirt with Brooke makes Mindy mad. Peter says that she should make him jealous by flirting with him, so Peter and Mindy flirt and make Danny jealous. However, this confirms the Peter/Mindy relationship to Jeremy and Morgan. Jeremy and Morgan call Peter out.

Mindy then gives Danny an ultimatum and says that they either go public or break up. Danny says he cares about her too much so they break up. He walks away and Mindy cries in bed.

While I am very much Team Danny/Mindy, I’m actually happy they broke up. I was worried that they were going to become like Jess and Nick from New Girl. Holding out the romance is good but not for too long. I’d actually like to see a developing romance between the two. Just, not now.

Girl Crush

This episode was a slap in the face. First Danny is worried about his friendship with Mindy and then he’s hopping in bed with Peter’s sister? I mean, come on. It seemed uncharacteristically shady of Danny to act like that. But hey, at least it was funny.

The episode begins with Mindy meeting Sheila Hamilton, a celebrity gynecologist who delivered North West. Sheila says that Mindy should drop by the office and look around. Mindy does, loves it, but then bails after she discovers that they don’t take insurance so all of her clients wouldn’t be able to see her anymore.

When she goes back to her job, it turns out that she’s been literally kicked to the curb. She crawls back to Sheila and Sheila says that they just wanted her so they could have diversity on their billboard. Ouch.

Peter’s sister, Sally, is visiting and flirting with Danny. Mindy sees the two flirting and walks out angry. Peter says that he doesn’t want Danny to date his sister. When Peter says that Sally is simply his Mindy rebound, Danny breaks it off.

While all of this is going on, Jeremy decides to have a medical bus to drive around and diagnose people. It doesn’t go over well. People throw fruit at them and the bus has a picture of Mindy sneezing on it. But Mindy saves the day and feels like her coworkers truly cherish her.

What did you think of the episode?



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