'The Mindy Project' recap: 'An Officer and a Gynecologist'

By Lauren Wheeler,
A doctor, an officer and a rabbi walk into a bar...

On this week’s episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy clashed with a police officer, Danny was mistaken as a Jew and Mindy had trouble with the fact that she didn’t have any man trouble.

The beginning Mindy voiceover discussed the men that had been in her life recently. She said that she was swearing off men. She cleaned out her apartment of all of her boyfriends’ stuff and put it all in a box.

At work, Mindy sees a new patient named Jenny. She wants birth control pills. Her father, a police officer, does not want his daughter to get the birth control pills. Obviously, Mindy gives her the pills and encourages her to take them. She even has a song. She sings, “when I need to take the pill, I look upon the windowsill…” but forgets that she hasn’t taken the pill in two weeks.

Danny and Sally are riding on the subway when they see guys harassing a rabbi. They take his hat and tease him about it. Danny stands up for the rabbi. When he notices Danny’s Schulman & Associates bag and talks about his mother, the rabbi thinks that Danny is Jewish. He wants to visit Danny later and will recommend the practice for his thousands of female Jews. Danny, hearing the number of patients, doesn’t object to being Jewish and gets invited to dinner with the rabbi.

Danny tells Peter that he needs to go to the dinner with him and that he will give him 54% of the new patients. They do pretty well keeping the cover. However, Peter starts asking about Danny dating his sister Sally and everything unravels.

When the rabbi’s son walks in on Peter in the bathroom, he realizes that he has an uncircumcised penis, the rabbi and his family realize that the two men aren’t really Jewish. They send him out.

With Mindy, Jenny’s father, Charlie Lang, storms into her office and demands Mindy to tell him what is going on. She calls on doctor-patient confidentiality to neither confirm nor deny if she gave Jenny the pills. Charlie says that he still feels that Jenny is his little girl. He says that she is still in college but still needs a blankie.

She takes the conversation outside to defend her choice to give Jenny the pill. Charlie, angry, writes her a ticket for public female hysteria. Technically, it is still a law.

Jenny decides to stay with Mindy for the rest of her vacation. Charlie disagrees at first but eventually lets her. Because, you know, any cop lets his college aged daughter stay with a complete stranger all the time.

At the hospital, Mindy is in the break room. She is trying to think when Danny walks in. He tries to make friendly conversation but it turns. Danny and Mindy discuss their relationship. Turns out that, at one point, Mindy blindfolded Danny so he could take off her bra.

The conversation convinces Danny that he needs to break up with Sally.

Mindy realizes that taking Jenny in was a bad idea when she arrived home to a party. Jenny threw a party while she was gone even though she had told Mindy that it was only a few friends. More shockingly, Mindy finds Morgan handcuffed to her bed. Mindy immediately calls Jenny’s father and Morgan’s grandmother.

As they wait for Charlie to clean out Mindy’s apartment, he overhears their conversation. Mindy is telling Jenny about her heartbreak box. She said that women have to make good decisions and Mindy’s heartbreak box is filled with all of her mistakes.

The next day on the subway, Mindy and Danny run into each other. After her ear bud gets stuck in her scarf, he helps her. The rabbi sees them, mistaking Mindy for Sally and says that Mindy and Danny are truly in love. So, Danny goes to “talk” to Sally.

Mindy talks to Officer Lang again and he gives her another ticket even though she tries to bribe him with dessert. The rabbi thanks Danny for a great story.

Image from Facebook via The Mindy Project



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