Montana man arrested for killing teen who broke into garage

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Missoula, Montana man has been arrested for allegedly trapping and then killing a teenager who broke into his garage.

According to the Associated Press, authorities said that Markus Kaarma set a trap to lure and catch anyone who broke into his garage because he was frustrated over recent burglaries.

The Missoulian noted that court documents claim that Kaarma and his roommate Janelle Pflager intentionally set a trap by leaving her purse in the garage with the door open. The two then installed motion sensors to catch any thieves who took the bait.

On Sunday, the motion sensors went off and Kaarma fired at least two gunshots at Diren Dede, a 17-year-old German exchange student.

The 29-year-old’s lawyer insisted that his client was not intentionally waiting to kill someone, but rather went to the garage armed with his shotgun and fired the shots because he feared for his safety. He added that his client had been burglarized two times within the last three weeks.

Prosecutors, however, point to a conversation Kaarma allegedly had with his hairdresser when he told her that he had he had been waiting for up to three nights so he could shoot a kid.

The shooting remains under investigation.



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