Mother dies of cancer six weeks after giving birth

By Francisco Flores,
The woman was diagnosed with cancer after she became pregnant

Elizabeth Joice died six weeks after giving birth in January. She passed away in early March and her story is chronicled in the documentary 40 Weeks.

ABC News reported the tragic news Thursday, noting that Joice had already agreed to be a part of the documentary when she was informed that cancer she had previously conquered had returned.

40 Weeks showcased the entire pregnancy journey as Joice, 36, explored the fascinating developments. Joice was given either the choice of aborting the pregnancy to begin strong treatments to get rid of the cancer or to continue through the pregnancy with limited treatments as to not harm the baby. She chose the baby’s well-being over hers', which lead the disease to overtake her body.

When she delivered Lily by c-section six weeks earlier than the expected due date, doctors were sadly shocked when they found an abundant amount of tumors throughout her abdomen. Joice passed away six weeks after Lily was born.

USA Today recounted the first moments when Joice held her new baby girl.

“The joy on her face was simply incredible," her doctor told ABC News. "She said, 'This is worth it ... I would do it all again to have this child.'"



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