Nancy Grace slammed by WWE after steroid remarks on death of Ultimate Warrior

By Shaunice Conyers,

Nancy Grace has gotten on the bad side of the WWE, after insinuating that the late wrestler Ultimate Warrior's death was caused by steroids.

According to TMZ, the WWE has warned all of their wrestlers to stay away from Grace's show after the way covered the death of Ultimate Warrior.

After Ultimate Warrior died, Grace had wrestler Diamond Dallas Page on her HLN show and claimed that Ultimate Warrior lost his live due to steroids and drug abuse. During the show, Grace also interviewed a doctor who never cared for Ultimate Warrior and further claimed that most young wrestlers die because of steroid usage.

The WWE is allegedly very upset with Grace as a result and have told their employees that if they want to keep their jobs they will steer clear of Grace.

Radar Online, however exclusively reports that Grace is upset that by the WWE's actions. "I’m deeply, deeply sadden by the WWE unofficial ban from my show. I am a huge, huge wrestling fan," Grace told the site.

Grace has issued an invitation to Diamond Dallas Page and anyone else from the WWE to come appear on her show so that the tension between them can be resolved.



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