Nearly complete T. rex skeleton to be displayed in Smithsonian

By Kyle Johnson,

A nearly complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton joined the National Museum of Natural History's collection on Tuesday.

The skeleton, still currently being unpacked from the delivery boxes that FedEx carefully delivered was shown off, reports The Associated Press. The skeleton is 85 percent complete.

Museum director Kirk Johnson explained to a crowd that this particular skeleton is one of the best T. rex skeleton's to be discovered. "It lay in the ground much as it had died on the shores of a stream in Montana just over 66 million years ago."

According to The Washington Post, the skeleton was discovered in 1988 near the Fort Peck Reservoir in Montana by a rancher. The Army Corps of Engineers have allowed the Natural History Museum to display the skeleton for the next 50 years.

It will replace the replica skeleton that has been standing in the museum for nearly 15 years. The museum's dinosaur hall will be closed as it undergoes a five-year update, which will cost $48 million. A temporary exhibit will open later this year.

The bones will be on display for people to see until October when they will need to be shipped to Toronto where a special mount is under construction.



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