New final words discovered by Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

By Rebekah Penner ,

Although little is known about the whereabouts of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, it has been discovered that the last words from the airplane cockpit were different than previously believed. “Good night Malaysian three seven zero,” has now been identified as the final transmission.

It was previously believed that “All right, good night,” was the last message heard from either the pilot or the co-pilot, reported CNN. Authorities are still working to figure out whether the pilot or the co-pilot said the final voice transmission heard.

As a result of the recent news about the last message spoken to air traffic control, the new last words appear to be more formal and similar to what a pilot would say to an air-traffic controller than what was thought before, according to Richard Wescott of the BBC.

Right now it is unclear why the message heard has changed or why it took this long to figure out what was said.

The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared mid-flight on March 8 with 239 people aboard.



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