New Hampshire couple encounters an angry Moose

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Moose almost pummels the Powells

For a pair of New Hampshire snowmobilers, seeing wildlife out on the trail isn’t out of the ordinary. However, Janis and Bob Powell had a terrifying run-in with an angry Moose while enjoying the weather.

During their snowmobile ride outside of Jackson, Maine, on Friday, the two decided to follow a Moose on a trail for a bit until it came to an eerie halt.

"His fur was standing up, his ears were back, his head went low and [we] definitely knew something was up," said Janis Powell, according to Good Morning America. The Moose started to stomp over to her husband, causing him to hide behind his snowmobile in hopes that the Moose would back off. This was not the case.

Angrily, the Moose charged over to the machine, forcing Bob Powell to run to his wife’s snowmobile, dodging a head-butt from the animal.

Knowing she could possibly anger the Moose further, Janis Powell shot her gun into the air as a warning signal and the animal took the hint. The Moose trotted off without inflicting any injuries, reports WMUR.

"We both have a new appreciated for moose and wildlife in general and will definitely be keeping more of a distance," Janis Powell said.

Although seeing multiple moose on trails prior, they usually run off scared. This moose in particular gave the couple a run for their money.



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