New Superb app helps users pick what's 'hot' and 'not'

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Superb is a new application that launched Wednesday. It could be a whole new way for consumers to look for local places like restaurants, bars, and museums.

Superb comes to consumers from the folks who introduced Grubwithus, a social dining startup. Grubwithus was a new idea, and gave consumers the option of finding each other offline, The Huffington Post reported back in 2011.

The new app is free to download on iTunes. It sets up gatherings with strangers attempting to meet new friends. Users say whether the place is “hot” or “not.”

“Facebook and Foursquare is either ‘I’m here now’ or ‘this is what I did in the past," Superb co-founder Eddy Lu explained to Tech Crunch. “We’re all about future intent.”

Superb is easy to use, and similar to Meetup. After signing on, the consumer sees images of places. The photos come from Instagram. Then, you indicate what place might be best, and chat with folks who might agree with you. Superb conducted testing with 1,000 people.

According to ANI, the application groups people according to their choices of restaurants or museums.



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