New York teen shot in the foot for cutting the line to buy Kanye West sneakers

By Victoria Greene,

A New York teenager was shot in the foot Saturday morning after he attempted to cut the line to buy a pair of Nike sneakers.

According to The New York Daily News, Brooklyn teen Isaiah Martinez, 15, was shot in the foot early Saturday morning while trying to buy a pair of sneakers designed by rapper Kanye West.

People had been camped out in front of the store for hours when Martinez attempted to cut the line at around 6:00 a.m. When people responded angrily, the teen apparently talked big and further angered someone who had been waiting in line.

“There were people camped out for the sneakers and Isaiah tried to cut the line,” said Martinez’s friend, Edison Cartagena, 21.

“I guess he tried to get tough with one of the guys he cut. One of them left and came back with a gun and shot him,” witness Jayson Roque, 23, said.

The man reportedly shot a few rounds before shooting Martinez in the foot, then shortly after, fled.

According to The New York Post, one of Martinez’s friends took after the shooter and stabbed him before heading to the hospital with a stab wound of his own.

Martinez is said to not be in any lethal danger and is recovering.

By Saturday evening, the highly coveted sneakers, which boasted a $250 price tag, were sold out.



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