New York woman accused of stabbing boyfriend to death had history of mental illness

By Victoria Greene,

A Brooklyn woman, who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death while he slept, reportedly has a history of mental illness.

Jacqueline Carroll, 34, allegedly murdered her boyfriend, John Ferraro, 38, on March 3.

Carroll gave various stories about how Ferraro had sustained multiple stab wounds, even telling investigators that he stabbed himself, but she eventually confessed to stabbing the man as he slept beside their 4-year-old daughter, leaving the child covered in her father’s blood, according to The New York Daily News.

According to Time Warner Cable News, it was discovered early on in the investigation that at least six domestic incidents were related to the couple. It has since been revealed Carroll was twice the victim, but three times the assailant, in her relationship with Ferraro, including a recent strangulation attempt against the man.

"We had an argument. He wanted to have sex, but (my) body was hurting,” Carroll told police, according to the New York Daily News. However, evidence discounts her statement.

A witness reported that Ferraro had an eye mask on when he was killed, indicating he was asleep.

"She got him when he was sleeping and stabbed him just like that, in the heart,” the victim’s mother, Anna Surdak, said.

It was reported that Carroll had been committed to mental institutions multiple times in the past five years and was released shortly before Ferraro’s death.

"She's been in so many different institutions. She needed more help and they let her go,” Surdak said.



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