Newborn kittens survive being accidentally shipped from Hollywood to San Diego

By Kyle Johnson,

Two newborn kittens managed to survive being accidentally shipped in a box that was placed on a semi-truck heading from Hollywood to San Diego.

The kittens were discovered by a Cox Communications worker inside of a box that was supposed to contain equipment that was shipped from another Cox Communications office, reports NBC News 7.

The two kittens were taken to the San Diego Human Society's 24-hour Kitten Nursery where they will be cared for until they are 8-weeks-old and then they will be put up for adoption. They have been named Mouse and WiFi.

Workers at the Humane Society believe that the kittens ended up in the box because their mother happened to be looking for a warm, safe place to keep them. How the box then ended up on the truck without anyone noticing the kittens isn't known.

Cox employee JC Collins spoke with 10 News San Diego and said, "They were very, very lucky they didn't fall out of it in transport or when we were unloading the truck."

A nurse at the San Diego Humane Society, Jenny Bonomini, explained that the kittens were so young "they actually came to us with their umbilical cord still attached."



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