Nick Cannon: ‘I am a racist’

By Amy Michura,

Nick Cannon created controversy last week when he decided to promote his upcoming album White People Party Music while wearing whiteface.

While some people had an issue with the title of the album, it was the use of whiteface and renaming himself Connor Smallnut for his unusual promotion that had some people offended.

But this didn’t stop there as Cannon took to Twitter to post the comment, “I’M RACIST” before posting a link to a video.

The link is a video of Cannon performing standup comedy with racial humor.

“All the racists in here make some noise,” Cannon says in the video, according to E! News. “I’m right there with you. I’m racist too. Yes, I am a racist, I’ll say it. I stereotype. There’s a stereotype for reasons. I’m prejudice. All prejudice means is pre-judging. Yes, I prejudge people, I do. If I meet somebody from India, I assume they house smell like curry.”

He continues his standup by talking about Asians, explaining he won’t let his Asian friends walk his dog because they may “wok” his dog. And he said that when he sees “a middle-aged white man” sporting a pair of sweatpants outside a school, he assumes he's a pedophile.

According to E! News, Cannon will be featured on tomorrow’s episode of Rachael Ray where he defends his whiteface persona.

“I mean, I’ve been planning this over a year, to release my album on April Fool’s Day, call it White People Party Music and dress up as that character, Connor Smallnut,” Cannon says on the episode, according to E! News.

Cannon also tries to explain a little more about the album story and Connor Smallnut.

“The funny thing is, if you listen to the album, or kind of go into the back-story of that character, that character is an ultra-sensitive character who hates Nick Cannon, and is offended by the album title White People Party Music.”

Watch Nick Cannon on Rachael Ray tomorrow, April 4.



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