North Korea says American tourist detained for 'gross violation' of laws

By Kyle Johnson,

North Korea said on Friday that the country detained an American tourist back on April 10 for "gross violation" of their laws.

According to Voice of America, the country's KCNA news agency reported that the tourist, identified as Miller Matthew Todd, wanted asylum in the country as he was going through immigration. The 24-year-old then ripped apart his visa.

Fox News reports authorities then detained Todd due to his inappropriate behavior as it was a "gross violation." They say they are further investigating the situation.

Jen Psaki, State Department spokesperson, said that the United States is aware of the situation but other than to say they were talking with the embassy of Sweden, they would not comment further. VOA notes that Sweden often acts as an intermediary for situations like this.

The news of Todd's detainment and alleged asylum request comes shortly after President Barack Obama said that if North Korea continues with nuclear testing, there would be increased sanctions. When the report broke, Obama was visiting South Korea after being in Japan yesterday.



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