NYC cab driver avoided $28,000 in tolls by tailgating

By Kyle Johnson,

A New York City cab driver is accused of driving on the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge over 3,000 times without paying the toll booths by tailgating through the E-Z Pass lanes.

During a two-year period, 69-year-old Rodolfo Sanchez managed to avoid paying $28,242.50 by closely following other drivers through the E-Z Pass toll booth lanes before the barrier dropped down, reports DNAInfo. As he was essentially stealing from the MTA, Sanchez has been charged with grand larceny, theft of services and criminal possession of stolen property.

MTA Bridges and Tunnels chief of security Donald Look said, "This type of behavior is egregiously unfair to the millions of honest motorists who pay tolls every day. "

Sanchez was finally discovered because of an E-Z Pass he found that was reported lost, according to CBS New York. The E-Z Pass had no money on it, but still had a signal and was registered as continually going through toll booths.

Though he knew the pass had no money on it, Sanchez claimed that because he needed money for his family, he used it anyway.

The cab driver has a court date on May 22 and if convicted, could spend up to seven years in prison.



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