Obama and Putin work out differences with Dr. Phil on ‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’ (Video)

By Ian Walker,

With all of the ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Russia, an experienced mediator was finally brought in to help mend the relationship between their respective leaders: Dr. Phil.

Or at least that’s what happened on The Tonight Show Thursday night, when Jimmy Fallon broke out his Vladimir Putin impression to work out some issues with the Commander in Chief, played by regular Obama impersonator Dion Flynn, notes the Hollywood Reporter.

Dr. Phil was eager to bridge the gap between the two men, and asked how they’ve been communicating, to which Obama gladly expressed his frustration.

“I send a text and three days later I get a text back saying ‘sorry just got this.’ B**ch, you know I’m spying on you,” he said.

Putin expressed that he was feeling smothered from all of this attention. “It’s like I’m a teenage girl and he’s James Franco,” he said.

“I try and I try, but I just can’t get through to him,” said Obama.

“You mean like ObamaCare website?” zinged Putin.

After some prodding by Dr. Phil, however, the two men were able connect a little better, thanks to a nostalgic toy store theme song, notes TheWrap.

Watch the clip below to the two world leaders work out their differences.



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