Oklahoma court won't delay double execution, set for Tuesday

By Kyle Johnson,

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals will not delay a planned double execution, meaning that the two men will die on Tuesday, April 29.

Attorneys for Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner sought for the court to issue a stay on the state's Supreme Court ruling two days ago. They were hoping the court would also find that Oklahoma's high court incorrectly ruled, reports The Associated Press.

The attorneys believe that the Supreme Court wrongly ruled that Lockett and Warner didn't need to be informed where the lethal drugs for the executions came from. The court opted to deny both requests.

As previously ruled, the high court initially delayed Lockett and Warner's executions, which were first set to be separate to give the Supreme Court time to rule on whether the two death row inmates had the right to know where Oklahoma obtained the drugs.

The state has refused to reveal where they got the drugs and the Supreme Court ruled that neither Lockett nor Warner were entitled to know how Oklahoma came to stock the drugs again.

They will be executed on Tuesday, with Lockett at 6 p.m. and Warner two hours later. Oklahoma hasn't had a double execution since 1937.



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