‘Orphan Black’ Season 2 recap and review: ‘Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion’

By Ricky Riley,

While Alison struggles with Aynsley's death and Cosima grapples with the worsening symptoms of her mysterious sickness, Sarah enlists Art's help to find Kira and is shocked when she learns where the trail leads.

Sarah’s Plotline

Art helps Sarah find Kira and Ms. S. The two are located in an old hideout/home in which Sarah and Felix grew up. A woman named Brenda watches the place along with her son. However, the major developments from this story line revolve around an issue from last season. Sarah confronts Ms. S about Project Leda and Ms. S denies it flat out. Later on, Kira reveals that Ms. S was digging around in Emilia’s (Sarah’s mother from season one) things and ran across the photo of Project Leda.

Cosima’s Plotline

Cosima’s story line just continues from last week’s episode. Delphine gets Cosima adjusted to her new lab in the Dyad Institute. Cosima and Rachel meet for the first time. Right away, Rachel wants Cosima to find out about Sarah’s ability to have a child. Also, Rachel tells Cosima that (from her blood work) she (Cosima) has issues with her lungs like another clone that we have yet to meet.

Allison’s Plotline

Felix comes by the community center as Allison rehearses. Allison reveals that she watched Aynsley die because she thought that she was the clone monitor. The two of them figure out that Donnie really was the monitor and they create a plan to confirm it. Allison meets a woman named Sarah at Aynsley’s grave and Donnie follows behind her believing it was a clone but he is wrong. He just happens to be talking to Dr. Leekie and Dr. Leekie informs him that Donnie is wasting his time. In the end, Allison sneaks up on him and confirms her suspicions.

The Wrap-Up

This episode ends with two major developments that close some of the older plots. Helena was taken away from the hospital by a Prolethean. (This man was introduced in the season premiere in the café scene.) Helena has been recruited by this group once more in order to see if they can impregnate her and produce a child.

On the other hand, Sarah tries to escape the hideaway with Kira. She only succeeds because Ms. S kills Brenda and her son (because the two planned on turning Kira over to Rachel or the Proletheans). Kira, Sarah, and Felix are all leaving town. This leaves Allison in limbo.

Art and Angie know about Helena and they plan to move in on Allison.


Overall, this was a decent episode but not as good as the first. What keeps this episode from not being perfect is the fact that old plotlines are not getting wrapped up. All of the characters have secrets but we continue to focus on Allison’s monitor story even though we know who it is. Cosima tends to be the least dynamic of the clones and tends to drag the story down at times. At the same time, Ms. S has become very interesting in just one episode. The introduction to the Prolethean farmers has made Helena even more interesting and I look forward to seeing more of her to come. However, with all of that said, the acting and the secrets keep fans hooked. Orphan Black airs on BBC America.

Here is a sneak peek of episode two:



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