Pa. high school student suspended for asking Miss America to prom

By Kyle Johnson,

A Pennsylvania teen was suspended after he asked Miss America to prom while she answered questions at an assembly at his school.

Central York High School senior Patrick Farves asked Nina Davuluri to prom and afterwards walked up to the stage holding a plastic flower, reports The Associated Press. The 18-year-old had previously been warned not to do it only 10 minutes before the assembly after school officials heard of his plan.

Farves apologized and the school gave him three days of in-school suspension.

According to the York Dispatch, Farves had jokingly said he would do it a few days ahead of the assembly and his classmates told him to go for it, so he decided he would.

Though he never actually expected her to say yes, the high school senior said, "I already had a little flower. I was completely set on doing this." He also admitted that he understands why the school's administration isn't happy but said "it wasn't my intent" to disrespect them.

After he boldly asked, students cheered and Miss America simply laughed and didn't respond. Farves said, "For the sake of my ego, I'm going to say no, I never got a direct answer."



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