Pantless Florida woman steals boxed wine from grocery store

By Michelle Kapusta,

A woman in Florida wandered into a local Publix store without her pants and stole two bottles of boxed wine.

According to NBC 6, authorities said that Desiree Taylor was caught on surveillance video walking into the grocery store in only a T-Shirt and slippers and lifting the wine without paying.

The store manager tried to stop her as she walked out, but she got away.

Police eventually caught up with and arrested her.

The WPBF noted that court documents show that this is the 35-year-old’s second arrest in the past two months. In March, she was charged with battery and resisting arrest during an incident in which she allegedly beat up an emergency responder.

The combined cost of the two boxes of wine was over $40.00.

Of course the pantless incident comes on the heels of another bizarre episode in the Sunshine State last week. In that case, a woman remembered to cover her bottom, but that’s all she covered as she went on a rampage in a St. Petersburg McDonald’s wearing only her underwear.



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