‘Parenthood’ Recap - ‘Cold Feet’

By Andrew Wilson,

Sarah goes to Amber’s and brings her a Cuisinart, which Amber clearly doesn’t need. Drew comes out of the bathroom to her mother’s surprise and Drew states he’s been staying there a couple weeks. Annoyed that she’s spending money on the dorm and college, she takes Drew back to school.

Kristina talks to Julia and asks her legal advice on paperwork and forms for the charter school.

Adam and Crosby discuss the album release party for Ashes of Rome, and Adam doesn’t understand why it is costing so much. Amber interrupts them and tells them the manager for boy band 4D is on the phone. Adam puts the call on speaker and the manager want Ashes of Rome to open up for the band on tour. Adam says yes, and invites them to the album release party.

Camille and Zeek sit down with the realtor Karen and sign the final papers for the sale of the house.

At a coffee shop, Julia runs into Ed and asks him for help on the work she is doing for Kristina and Adam’s charter school.

Drew goes back to the dorm and Berto has his stuff all over the room. He quickly cleans his mess off of Drew’s bed, but Drew is still upset about Natalie, and storms out of the room yelling at Berto.

Hank has a session with Dr. Pelikan, and doesn’t understand what is getting in the way of Sarah wanting to be with him, especially since she found out Mark is now getting married. Dr. Pelikan tells Hank that he needs to talk with her about it, and apologize for moving to Minnesota after she decided to be with him.

Julia talks with Kristina about going on a date with Ed. She feels bad but realizes Joel stated they need to move on. She also asks Kristina about the possibility of her having sex with another man. Kristina warns her not to do anything she might regret.

Crosby and Jasmine go to their house with the kids but get a rude surprise of their floors in 3 rooms still being worked on. The worker states it may be another $12,000, or more.

Julia sits down with Adam, Kristina and Mr. Knight on the tasks she needs them to do as she’s got them a meeting with the education board. Mr. Knight seems a little flustered around Julia.

Adam and Crosby talk to the band about the tour. Oliver gets very upset about having to open for a boy band, and tells them they are not doing the tour, and walks out.

As they working, Hank talks to Sarah about his talk with Dr. Pelikan, and owing her an apology about moving. She tells him she was upset and confused, but he doesn’t quite get it, still confused on having to apologize.

Julia goes to Mr. Knight’s house, and he jokes showing up at his house unannounced must be a Braverman thing. Julia states that she wants to present him as Headmaster of the school in the meeting with the board. He’s reluctant but says he think about it. As she leaves, he watches her.

Hank sees Dr. Pelikan and the doctor asks if he’s mad at him. Hank says yes, and his apology didn’t help. He states he thought when he came to see him that things would get better. Dr. Pelikan tries to explain that it’s a process, and relationships are difficult for people with Asperger’s. He advises Hank he needs to be as vulnerable as possible with Sarah. Hank is too worried about getting rejected, and states his worry is probably an “Asperger’s thing”. Dr. Pelikan states that’s an “everybody thing”.

As Julia gets ready to go to Ed’s for dinner, she takes off her wedding ring. Later, she and Ed are having dessert and Ed states he got a third interview with a company. She congratulates him, and he states when he got the news he just wanted to tell her, that she’s really the only good thing happening to him right now. He reaches out his hand to her, but she withdraws, saying she’s not ready for this and leaves.

Drew and Berto are studying in their room. Berto says he can’t stand the tension in the room. He grabs a six pack and tells Drew he needs to tell him all the things he doesn’t like about him, and to drink while he’s doing it. A few beers later, Drew is opening up about all the things that annoy him, and finally says that he hurt him with Natalie. Drew throws beer cans at him, and Berto apologizes. Drew finally falls on his bed and they both laugh.

Zeek is packing boxes and Camille comes in, looking through the things that he is putting in the “throw out” pile. She says there are too many sentimental things, and they need to keep them, but Zeek states they can’t keep it all when they downsize their living space. Camille begins to get cold feet about the move, but Zeek tries to reassure her that everything will work out.

Kristina, Adam, Julia and Mr. Knight meet with the board. They all talk to the members, fighting for the school, and Mr. Knight states he is taking the role as Headmaster. When they have objections, Julia steps up, and lawyer-talks them into submission, where they can’t object anymore.

Crosby has lunch with Adam and Crosby shows him the bill for the floor to his home. He can’t borrow money from the business, and Adam says he doesn’t have an extra $14,000 either. Adam tells him that he can borrow from the company, but Oliver needs to commit to the tour in order to get the money.

As Berto and Drew walk to class, they see Natalie pass by. Berto states that he may have messed the situation between them, but admits Drew messed it up first, and the current situation is not all on her.

Hank goes to see Sarah and gives a heartfelt apology to her about Minnesota. He states that he’s been pushing people away his whole life, but even with all the things he’s done, she’s still there. Having said what he came to say, Hank then abruptly leaves.

Zeek interrupts Camille’s packing and takes her to what could be their new future home.

At the album release party Crosby talks to Oliver about doing the tour. As Kristina and Adam talk to Mr. Knight, Julia comes in and tells them she got off the phone with the Board of Education and they have the approval to open the school. Mr. Knight offers to celebrate getting a drink with Julia.

4D and their manager come. The lead of the group, Chad Love, talks to Oliver and convinces him to go out on the road with them.

As Ashes of Rome play, Julia and Mr. Knight flirt with each other across the room. Later, she goes to his house and has sex with him.



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