Paul McCartney selling boat bought with late wife Linda

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
The asking price for the vessel is £60,000

Paul McCartney is selling his humble fishing vessel, which holds fond memories with his late wife Linda before she died from cancer. The price is set at £60,000.

After meeting with his children, Stella, Heather and Mary, the former Beatle made the heart-breaking decision to sell the boat. Although it holds such lovely memories with his deceased wife, those memories could be just as painful.

The boat was named after the Charles Dickens character, Barnaby Rudge, and will be sold near McCartney’s private recording studio in Rye.

McCartney “has decided to make the break with the past and move on," family friend Eric Green told The Daily Mail.

The duo married in 1969 after the split of the Beatles and created their own pop group Wings in 1971. While married, the couple enjoyed some alone time on the boat as well as a farmhouse in Scotland.

Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995 and after three long years struggling with the illness, died on their Scottsdale ranch in Arizona.

All proceeds from the boat will go directly to Oxfam.

McCartney is currently on the road for his Out There tour. According to Jambase, he played a great show in Uruguay filled with familiar songs and some New ones.



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