Penn Badgley is focusing on music

By Amy Michura,

The actor most known for his work as Dan Humphries on the book series gone television series Gossip Girl, has now revealed that he is taking a break and narrowing his focus on something other than acting — music.

Vanity Fair spoke to the 27-year-old actor at the Montblac party on Thursday, April 3.

“I haven’t worn a suit in a year,” Badgley said to Vanity Fair Thursday at the party. “At the moment, there’s no films that have come along that have really sparked my interest, I’m focusing on music.

The former television star is focusing on his band, Mother, that according to Vulture is based in Brooklyn.

But don’t think Badgley is completely quitting the acting business. If he found a project that captures his interest he wouldn’t completely deny it.

“But for me, it’s just, like, whatever comes, whatever’s happening,” he said.

At the party, there was a celebration of 90 years of the Meisterstück pen. According to Vanity Fair, the walls were decorated with photographs of icons and celebrities signing with the Montblac icon. Some of the letters on display were written by Karl Lagerfeld, Agatha Christie and Ernest Hemingway.

Badgley, along with some other party guests, shared that they still prefer to use a paper and pen over today’s electronics.

“I actually write with a pen as much as I can,” Badgley shared. “I write e-mails electronically, everything else I do with a pen. And that’s actually no bull****. I write in a journal, I guess you could call it.”

Badgley continued saying that it wasn’t necessarily like a diary. However it contains, “thoughts and musings, songs, whatever.”

To discuss how well his penmanship is in the journal, he stated that it varied between good and unreadable.

“It’s somewhere in between,” he said. “Sometimes it can be beautiful, depending on my mood.”



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