Pennsylvania cop poses as Amish woman to catch pervert

By Michelle Kapusta,

A male cop in Pennsylvania posed as an Amish woman to catch a pervert that was exposing himself to children.

According to the New York Daily News, Police Sgt. Chad Adams said at first he was reluctant to wear women's clothing. However, it became necessary to try and catch a perpetrator who had exposed himself to children in Pulaski Township as they walked home from school.

Officers warned children to walk a safer route, but then they couldn’t catch the perp in the act.

"We were doing surveillance in the area trying to catch him and nothing was going down," said Adams. "After he wasn't seeing any kids in the area, he wasn't doing anything. It was getting frustrating."

The Daily Mail noted that the Amish did not want their children to testify in court so they agreed to lend Adams women's bonnets and dresses for the undercover stint.

The officer roamed the neighborhood for weeks in hopes of running into the creep, he did not, however, a man police believe to be the suspect was apprehended in another county.



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