'Person of Interest' recap: 3.19 'Most Likely To...'

By Marie Blake,

In this episode of Person of Interest, the team split up to take on two different tasks after failing to save a number that showed up earlier. Leona Wainwright, a clerical assistant in the office of personal management, is seen in a cab with the driver holding her at gunpoint. Reese walks up to see what's going on, but the driver sees him and blows up the cab. Leona is dead. Finch finds out that the attack came from vigilance after finding out about the machine, and Leona's involvement with it. After failing to dig up information from the scene due to the FBI's involvement, Finch takes Fusco to Washington, D.C. to find out Leona's involvement, and sends Reese and Shaw to take care of the next number that came up.

Reese and Shaw

The new number, Matthew Reed, is a criminal prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office. Reese and Shaw go to Westchester to watch him. They follow Matthew to a high school reunion, undercover as former students Betty and Frank. Matthew sees Shaw, as Betty, and shows interest in her.

The reunion takes the former students bowling. Finch and Reese ask around about Matthew, and find out about his former girlfriend, Claire, who was found dead in his car after prom. Another former student, Doug, gets into a confrontation with Matthew, telling him that he should not be there.

Reese, as Frank, gets slapped multiple times by different women who appear to be upset with him.

Reese finds out that Doug was best friends with Claire, and may have had stronger feelings for her. He also finds out that Claire died from an overdose in Matthew’s car. Reese asks Fusco for information on the incident, and gets slapped again. Shaw tells him that it is because Frank used all of those girls back in high school.

The lights in the bowling alley dim, and photos of Claire, dead in Matthew’s car, appear on the screens, prompting Matthew to walk out. Someone still believes he killed her.

Shaw, as Betty, gives Matthew a ride to the motel, and takes the room located next to him. Reese shows up after following Doug home. He and Shaw set up surveillance to watch Matthew's room.

Fusco sent them the police report on Claire’s death. She suffered an accidental overdose from hydrocodone. Matthew claims they got into an argument after prom, and she left in his car. He never saw her after that.

Reese and Shaw show up to the dance. Reese goes to make sure Doug stays away from Matthew. Matthew tells Shaw that he knows she's not Betty. She tells him that she knows he's innocent. As balloons fall onto the dance floor, a dummy, with Claire on its name tag, also falls to the floor. Matthew leaves the gym.

Reese finds out that another one of the students, Phil, may be an impostor. Reese and Phil get into a fight. Reese finds out that Phil works for vigilance, and that he was at the reunion for Shaw and himself. Phil kills himself by ingesting cyanide.

Shaw cannot find Matthew. In one of the gift bags, empty prescription bottles of hydrocodone with Claire’s name were in them. Shaw finds out that Matthew is not the one being terrorized, it's Doug.

Doug gets a text from a deceased Claire, telling him to meet her in the chemistry lab. Matthew is in the lab. He forged a suicide note for Doug. Matthew tells Doug that he knows he was the one who killed Claire. After she left prom, he hoped that by slipping hydrocodone into her dink, she would be more relaxed and sleep with him; but he gave her too much and she died. He made it look like an overdose, and left her in Matthew's car.

Matthew gets ready to shoot Doug, but Reese and Shaw show up. They try to talk him out of killing him, when they are all met by gunfire from vigilance, looking to kill Reese and Shaw.

After a grueling gunfight, Doug is seen being taken away on a stretcher after being caught up in the crossfire between Reese, Shaw, and vigilance. He explains to the cops that he did not mean to kill Claire. Matthew tells Shaw that he may serve some time for plotting the whole thing, but explains that they should get together after.

Finch and Fusco

In DC, Fusco and Finch show up to Leona’s office, but find that it has already been emptied out by the FBI.

They took the physical copies of the names of government officials, from accountants to senators, who could access her confidential documents, but Finch knows how to look up the electronic copies.

Finch tells Fusco that they need to break into the FBI's evidence lock-up to get to the safe and crack into it.

After coming up with a plan, Fusco and Finch break into the FBI evidence hold. While the guard walks away, Fusco takes his keys to let Finch into the back. Finch is looking for the safe. He finds it and holds an x-ray machine up to it to open it.

Vigilance shows up and blows up the door to the evidence room just as Finch opens the safe and takes its contents.

Collier, head of vigilance, asks Finch about the secret surveillance system. He explains that he knows Finch is protecting the system and orders him, at gunpoint, to hand over the documents he found in the safe.

Gunshots are heard, and Root shows up to save him, but Collier gets away with the documents. Root tells Finch that no agents, or the machine, can locate him.

The safe contained a black budget report, and Collier has ordered the contents to be released to the public.

Reporters are confronting Senator Ross Garrison about the surveillance system. He explains to the that a machine that spies on citizens does not exist. He goes to a government worker in charge of the machine, and tells her to terminate it. She makes a call to deactivate the program, and shreds Collier's file.

Root senses something is wrong while on a walk with Finch, still in DC. She tells Finch that her "Dance Card" just got full, and leaves to handle something unknown to viewers.

Has Root found an alternate way to continue saving people. Is the machine really shut down?

Person of Interest will return with a new episode, April 15 at 10 p.m. on CBS.



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