'Person of Interest' Recap: 3.20 'Death Benefit'

By Marie Blake,

In one of the most depressing episodes, we find that the machine may have turned on them, causing the team to doubt their actions, and split up.

The episode opens with Shaw and Reese eating breakfast in a diner. They are talking about the surveillance machine. A car shows up and they meet up with two men outside, O’Neil and Ray.

Reese and Shaw put them against each other, and frame the scene to look as if they hurt each other. Root shows up, and takes Shaw with her to Alaska. She tells Reese that Finch needs his help in DC.

Reese and Finch speak about Samaritan and Decima’s plan to take over the machine. A new number shows up to Finch. It is Roger McCourt, U.S. congressman from Illinois. He controls the flow of legislation. They believe Decima would want him dead due to his stance against public surveillance.

They find the congressman and take pictures to track his actions. Knowing that congressmen receive secret service watch when there is a threat against them, Reese pulls out a gun and fires towards McCourt, hoping the added security will help protect him.

Reese goes undercover as a secret service agent, stealing the identity of one named Abbot. Duran, McCourt’s driver, and a cop, wanted to be secret service at one point in time.

Bruce Dunphy, part of the leadership of Illinois machinist union, approaches McCourt at an opera theater, displeased with a deal he made. But McCourt tells Dunphy that he is working things out in his favor.

A man from Decima approaches the senator whose name came out in the leaked black budget report. The man tells the senator about Vigilance, and that they were involved in leaking the information about the surveillance system.

He gives him a picture of Collier, head of vigilance. The man scolds the senator for putting the country at risk with this machine.

He tells him that Decima has created another surveillance system. He asks him to approve their program, but the senator refuses.

Finch finds that McCourt has very few enemies. A homeless man meets with McCourt, who started a practice to give anyone a meal to anyone who needs one. It helps to maintain a good public image.

Reese finds a man spying on him, when he tries to approach him he gets away in a car and tells Finch the plate number.

Root and Shaw are at a bar in Miami, Florida. After taking down a group of men involved in transporting explosives, Root heads to St. Louis, and tells Shaw that the machine is sending her somewhere else.

Reese guards McCourt’s office, and hears a groan and load crash. When he enters, he sees McCourt about to have affairs with his aide. Finch finds that McCourt’s wife is aware of the affair, seeing that they have some sort of arrangement.

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