Personal assistant speaks up about the horrors of working for one of Hollywood’s leading ladies

By Elise Gabriele,

An anonymous personal assistant to one of Hollywood’s most famous women, also left unnamed, spoke to New York Magazine about the bizarre and dangerous things her boss made her do.

The celebrity personal assistant said in the New York Magazine story, “I broke up with a very prominent actor boyfriend of hers.”

According to the nameless insider, her celebrity boss told her that her and the boyfriend were done making a movie together, she had moved one to someone else and asked the assistant to tell the unsuspecting boyfriend to back off and leave her alone, stated the magazine.

“She said, ‘Accept the date on my behalf. Take the date. Go instead of me.’ So, that’s what I did. You would think sending a text is the worst-- no. Sending your assistant to break up with him is the worst,” said the personal assistant.

While living with the household name, the assistant told New York Magazine that she would start at five in the morning, first, to get her celebrity boss’s Starbucks coffee and put it beside her bed. Then she would have to make her tea, start her computer to print out her schedule for the day and check emails. She would read the newspaper for book reviews because her boss required her to get the book on the list for her from Barnes and Noble, despite the fact that she rarely ended up reading them and usually gave them away. Lastly she would have to watch the news and regurgitate it back to the celebrity who wanted to know what “what she should be aware of around the world.” All this was done by seven in the morning.

To get away from the lack of privacy and inability to do things she wanted to do, the personal assistant described secret visits to the star’s nanny’s house simply to sleep or escape to local bars to get drunk.

“That lasted several months, until I was like , ‘This is making me into a drunk. I’m not happy with who I’m becoming,’,” she told New York Magazine.

However, the most appalling and dangerous stunt the celebrity had the assistant do was smuggle drugs on to an airplane.The assistant who was under the assumption that the star was having her make runs to get herbs as she called them because the star claimed she was being holistic. Yet, the assistant recalled one dramatic incident where the star was going to a film festival and she flew out to the destination before hand to lay out her bosses clothes that she would wear.

“When she got in she was like ‘Did you get my stuff?’ What stuff? ‘Oh I put some stuff in your bag.’ Oh my god, I went on a… plane carrying drugs for you? I could have gotten arrested!” the assistant explained.

When the personal assistant to this unknown starlet gave her two weeks notice, others who worked for the star were not surprised.

“They were like ‘Oh, so I’m going to have to work with another assistant?’ I was like, ‘Wait how many assistants has she had?’ And they said, ‘You’ve been the only one who’s not related to her to last longer than six months.’,” according to the ex-assistant.

Read the full story at NYMag.com.



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