Playwright Matthew Lombardo suing Valerie Harper for not disclosing cancer had spread to her brain

By Gina DiFalco,

Valerie Harper is in a legal battle with playwright Matthew Lombardo for not disclosing the fact that her cancer had returned when she was performing in Looped in 2012.

Lombardo and the producers involved in the play have sued Harper for $2 million, claiming she failed to tell them about her cancer and they were confused as to why she starting slurring and couldn’t remember her lines.

According to TMZ, Lombardo claims in the lawsuit that when Harper had to pull out of the play due to the cancer spreading to her brain, he was left $500,000 in the hole trying to find a replacement.

This lawsuit was actually a response to Harper’s, which she filed when he failed to pay her the rest of the agreed upon salary in her contract after she was forced to leave the production.

Harper was told she only had a few months to live in January 2013 when she found out the cancer had spread to her brain, and Lombardo claims he was the one who told her to see a doctor before she found out.



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