Police find loaded gun inside of woman body during a cavity search

By Victoria Greene,

A Tennessee teen who was driving on a suspended license managed to wrack up felony charges when authorities realized she was hiding a gun in her vagina.

According to Kingsport-Times News, Kingsport teen Dallas J. Archer, 19, was arrested for driving while her license was suspended.

While she was in jail, a jailer and a female corrections officer realized Archer was concealing something in her crotch and that something was revealed to be a four-inch, .22 caliber mini-revolver, which was loaded.

According to The Mirror, Archer’s luck didn’t get any better when a check on the gun’s serial number showed that it was stolen during a 2003 auto burglary.

Archer’s troubles began Tuesday after her mother called the police and claimed she’d been choked by the teen. The police quickly caught up with Archer and the vehicle, which her mother had described in detail.

Archer is charged with possession of a firearm, introduction into a penal facility, possession of stolen property, and driving on a suspended license. It is unknown if her mother is planning on pressing charges.



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