President Obama to announce $600 million in job grants

By Rebekah Penner ,

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are creating more programs to ensure new jobs. On Wednesday in Oakdale, Pa., Obama is expected to pitch a new plan that will give $600 million in job grants.

At the Community College of Allegheny County West Hills Center, the President is to announce that the grants will be invested into job training at community colleges and apprenticeship programs that will help students gain well-playing jobs, reported USA Today.

These grants come as a result of businesses finding it difficult to hire skilled workers for jobs that need to be filled, reported Associated Press.

Additionally, although people are open to leaning new abilities for specific jobs, because it cannot be assured that the jobs will be available at the completion of the training, few people follow through with the training.

Unemployment rates remain at 6.7 percent despite the improvement in the economy.

The money to be used for the grants has already been authorized for spending and therefore does not need the approval of Congress.



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