Prince George's photo heavily manipulated for Us Weekly cover

By Victoria Greene,

Britain’s Prince George isn’t even a year old yet, but that hasn’t stopped Us Weekly from enhancing some of his finer qualities.

According to The New York Post, Prince George, the 9-month-old son of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was featured on the cover of next month’s Us Weekly, but the tiny royal’s infancy hasn’t stopped the magazine from tweaking his looks here and there.

The magazine adjusted Prince George’s eyes to a noticeably green color and his hair to an almost impossible strawberry blonde hue, making the little prince look like something of a doll.

The Gloss points out that Us Weekly took it upon themselves to also raise the child’s cheekbones.

The entire photograph, which seems to have been captured on a day with low, natural light, has had its level of warmth adjusted, giving the picture a more reddish color, shifting away from bluer tones.

While Us Weekly has not commented on their cover, many are taking notice and asking if it is really necessary to editing a child, an infant, to look like something he is not.

image via Twitter from Us Weekly



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