Quarterback Terrelle Pryor traded to Seattle Seahawks

By Kyle Johnson,

The Oakland Raiders announced on Monday that the team has traded quarterback Terrelle Pryor to the Seattle Seahawks.

Pryor, who was last year's starter at QB when he was healthy, was given up for a seventh-round draft pick in the upcoming draft, according to San Jose Mercury News. The trade wasn't surprising after Fox Sports mentioned its likelihood over the weekend and after the busy free agency the team has participated in.

The young quarterback wanted to be the starter for the Raiders, but that became highly unlikely after the team picked up former Houston Texans' castoff Matt Schaub, who had a spectacularly bad season.

Despite that, Coach Dennis Allen immediately named Schaub the starter ahead of the offseason program. The team also has Matt Gloin, who saw some playing time during the previous season.

The team indicated he was set to be released if no trade partner could be found, according to ESPN. The Seahawks had little choice but to trade for the 6-foot-4 quarterback since it's not likely he would have dropped to the end of the waiver wire.

Pryor's 2014 salary is $705,000, making him an inexpensive backup to have around. He threw for seven touchdowns, 11 interceptions and 1,798 yards in 11 games



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