Rachel Canning, N.J. teen who sued parents, receives $56k scholarship

By Erica Albanese,

Rachel Canning, the N.J. high school student who made headlines after she sued her parents, has accepted a hefty scholarship from Western New England University.

Canning took to Facebook on Saturday to announce that she plans to attend Western New England University in Springfield, Mass., on a $56k scholarship that she received.

“Decision made. WNE U class of 2018 BME Major w/ 56,000$ scholarship,” the 18-year-old wrote as her status. The post got 145 likes, before being taken down and removed from the public, reports USA Today.

According to The NY Post, the university said in a statement that it is probable the scholarship is for the entire four years, so Canning will receive $14,000 per year. Tuition at Western New England University is approximately $46,000 a year.

Canning moved out of her house after turning 18 in October and sued her parents last month in an attempt to get them to pay child support, as well as the rest of her high school and college tuition. The case, however, was dismissed, and she moved back in with her parents.

Canning "is obviously an intelligent young woman who has a bright future," Family Division Judge Peter Bogaard said, according to NJ.com. He continued to say that everyone involved is "encouraged at this point to look forward and not look back."



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