Remains of missing Alaska man found under stairs by ex-wife

By Michelle Kapusta,

The remains of an Alaska man, who had been missing for a year, were discovered by his ex-wife on Monday in an under-stair storage area.

According to the Alaska Dispatch, authorities said that the body of Samuel McAlpine was found in the area by his ex-wife, who was getting his home ready for new renters.

A release from the Anchorage Police Department stated that the 37-year-old went missing last March after he told his mother that he was going out on a date. The release goes on to say that McAlpine sometimes disappeared for weeks at a time, but usually contacted family members within that time span.

The New York Daily News noted that McAlpine’s ex was led to his remains when she smelled a foul stench as soon as she entered the residence. When she opened the door to the storage unit, she saw the man’s badly decomposed body.

The couple was going through a divorce at the time of his disappearance. Amazingly, the dead body apparently went unnoticed by the previous tenants.

Police are investigating the death and have said that they believe drugs and alcohol may have been a contributing factor.



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