'Resurrection' Recap: 'Schemes of the Devil'

By Paige Paswaters,

The last episode of Resurrection left us wondering who was going to die in Rachel’s hostage house and who would make it out alive.

This week, Tom Hale is doing all in his power to find her. They first think to ask Jacob, since he has a sixth sense for his kinfolk. But, he is also a little boy, and he’s frightened by the circumstances. All he wants to do is spend time with his new friend, who just so happens to be another resurrected. A little girl and her parents appear from thin air, and the Langston’s must welcome them with open arms.

Good thing Sheriff Fred Langston owns Arcadia. He knows the town and his employees through and through. It takes him only a matter of minutes to figure out that one of his own is up to no good. All it takes is a little intimidation by Fred to weasel the truth out of Carl. This leads him straight to the source – Gary’s cabin.

When he arrives, he finds Rachel and attempts to remove her from the hostile environment. Unfortunately, Gary has already gone mad. He draws his handgun on the two of them and is filled with rage about the death of his cousin. Agent Bellamy and Pastor Tom arrive at the scene and the situation only escalates. Tom tries to calm Gary and get rid of the firearms, but he ends up shooting Rachel anyway – a clear shot through the heart. The murder was partially on accident, though the motives still existed, and Tom was forced to watch her die in his arms.

At the same time, Maggie’s partner is hard at work in the lab. Eric has been studying blood samples and trying his best to put together the clues. What he found is remarkable. When Jacob’s white blood cells are introduced to a blood sample diagnosed with leukemia, the cancer cells are reformed to new, healthy, red blood cells. Maggie is in awe. The man she once cared for deeply, she finds, is the source of the leukemia blood sample though. Even more, he wants to run away with her to do more research together, which is a tough proposition.

Maggie and Bellamy are unaware of the friends Jacob has found. In their eyes, with Caleb’s disappearance and Rachel’s death, it appears that Jacob is the last one left. But, this does not last long. One by one the town sees dead people flooding back to life. It’s just as Caleb said, and it’s more than they could have ever imagined.

The eeriest part of this, however, is Rachel’s second return. They watched her get carried away in a body bag, and suddenly she is back to life within a matter of hours. Virtually everyone of that era is returning simultaneously, which sparks the Sheriff to run home and check for his lost love, Barbara. His hope is lost when he walks through his front door only to find his daughter Maggie. They are both heartbroken, and the Sheriff shuts himself away in his room.

Luckily, Maggie’s memory is triggered, and she runs to the man who had an affair with young Barbara. Maggie and her mother share a bittersweet homecoming. It is sad that she chose to go to her lover rather than her husband, but at least she is back to mend some broken hearts hopefully. I think it’s safe to say Maggie will not be leaving Arcadia anytime soon.

Let me remind you that Tom’s wife was out of sight and out of mind this episode, after their catastrophic fight the last time around. His heart lies with Rachel.



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