Ronnie Dunn goes indie and premieres new single

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Brooks and Dunn first came onto the country music scene back in 1991. The group topped the charts and made country music history but now Ronnie Dunn is enjoying his solo career and he is going in a more indie direction with his musical sound.

Brooks and Dunn announced their separated in 2010 but since then Dunn has been focusing on his solo career and has two radio chart topping hits with "Bleed Red" and "Cost Of Livin," according to Billboard, who first reported the news.

Dunn will be releasing his second solo album, Peace, Love, and Country Music, on Tuesday; this album marks his first release on Little Will-E Records, his own label. "It's the first time I've done a record without a label looking over my shoulder," Dunn said.

"I don't feel like the process was that much different. I felt a little more freedom without having to go into A&R meetings, and have staff have input. Hopefully, in the end that will turn out to be an asset," Dunn explained.

This is the first album to not be produced by Arista, which was the label that Dunn worked with for his group and first solo album.

The Associated Press explained that modern country artists of today are still looking to Dunn for inspiration like Brett Eldredge.

"That's what I always wanted to be. ... I looked at people like Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn - he mixes soul with country - and Ray Charles. I love Ray Charles. Just big voices like that and that's where I still try to come from. When I open my mouth I want people to feel something, I want them to be moved like those other guys move you," said Eldredge.



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