'The Roots' drop new single 'Tomorrow'

By Gabrielle Washington,

After announcing their new album, The Roots, release their new single "Tomorrow."

According to Yahoo, The Roots have just dropped their second single after, "When the People Cheer," with the ballad, "Tomorrow." The album ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, will be The Roots's 11th studio album and was announced three weeks before the singles were released. Unlike the minored key track "When The People Cheer," "Tomorrow" offers an optimistic soulful words filled with deep R&B vocals sung by Raheem DeVaughn:

Some of the words are: "Sending a message to god and heaven / I’m thankful to be alive / Cause you sleep from eleven to seven, work hard from 9 to 5,” he sings.

The track has absolutely no Rap thought or feel, but the ballad creates a positive and soulful outlook on life.

According to The Boom Box, The Roots album plans on being released May 19. What do you think of their new single "Tomorrow?"



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