Russia says U.S. at fault for Ukraine crisis

By Kyle Johnson,

With Vice President Joe Biden visiting Ukraine on Monday, Russia has accused the United States as being at fault for the current Ukrainian crisis.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Russian officials said that Biden's two-day trip to Ukraine was simply part of the U.S.' attempts at "a face-saving exit from its foreign policy catastrophe."

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, according to the Itar-Tass news agency, "Instead of giving ultimatums and threatening us with sanctions, Washington should realize in full measure its responsibility for those people they brought to power in Kiev."

The Russian media has also backed Moscow's viewpoints saying that CIA Director John Brennan's visit to Ukraine last week was just evidence of the interim Ukrainian government as not much more than a U.S. puppet.

Officials claimed that the pro-Russia militants, who just kidnapped a police chief in Kramatorsk, were nothing more than peaceful civilians who just want the unlawful Ukrainian government to step down. The peaceful demonstrators also attacked Ukrainian citizens who were rallying for unity in the city of Luhansk. On Sunday, militants were involved in a shootout in Slovyansk, which killed at least three people.

The comments coming out of Moscow make it look less and less likely that de-escalation plans will be followed, despite Moscow's agreement late last week. The Geneva accord called for the demobilizing of militias among other things, but the separatists said they weren't bound by the deal and continue to hold onto the eastern Ukrainian buildings.

The U.S. asked Russia to step in to help get the militants to step down, but now Lavrov, who was involved in the de-escalation accord, has claimed that the agreement means that the Ukrainian government too must step down because they consider the government part of the "illegal armed groups."



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