SC teacher finds $11,000 cash on the road, returns it

By Rebecca Walezak,

A South Carolina teacher was driving with her son when $11,000 in cash started falling on the road in front of her.

When 42-year-old Sherry Whitesides saw stacks of $100 bills on the ground, she did get out of the car, but not to keep the cash. Yahoo reports that Whiteside chose to return the money so the owner could retrieve it.

“We get out of the car and I looked down and saw all these $100 bills,” Whitesides told Good Morning America. “There was a white piece of paper and it looked like trash, and I just felt the Lord telling me to pick it up. I opened it up and it was a receipt for Wells Fargo in the amount of $30,000 cash. And I thought, ‘Well, we’ve got to go back there.’ He must’ve just come from there.”

When Whitesides got to the Wells Fargo, it was closed. So she instead turned the money into the police, saying that it was something she couldn’t just hang on to.

According to the Huffington Post, the police were able to find the own and returned the money to him. He had apparently left it on the top of his car.

Whitesides told The Charlotte Observer that she never thought for a second about keeping the money.

"I’m rich in the Lord. He gives me all that I need," she told the Observer. "I didn’t even think for a minute about keeping it. I knew if it were mine, I would want somebody to return it."



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