School bus driver fails to help student suffering from seizure

By Morgan Cox,

A Florida mother is left with anger after her son suffered from a diabetic seizure on a school bus and the bus driver failed to be of any help to the student.

The 16-year-old, Andrew Shepard, was on the same bus as his sister, Jazmen Lucas, who was the first to notice her brother was not doing well.

“He was on the bus in the back, and I turned around and saw him twitching. "I said, 'Can you take me home like to my house because he's having a seizure?' and he was like, 'No, you got to get off the bus,'" Lucas explained.

According to Yahoo! News, the bus driver dropped the two off at their usual stop and left them there without any medical assistance or a ride to their home. The driver pulled away from the scene once the students were off the bus.

Lucas then had to carry her brother home.

“He fell on me and then he fell on a mailbox a couple houses down. So, I called my mom and I said that he’s having low blood sugar and she said, ‘Call 911,'" Lucas said.

The mother of the two is outraged at the thought that someone could do this to a child.

"He looked my child in his face and told him to get off the bus. How do you do that?" said the children's mother, Cynthia. "I'm beyond furious."

Luckily for Shepard and Lucas, neighbors noticed the two and were quick to help. Cynthia added that when the paramedics arrived, Shepard's blood sugar was 30, a normal blood sugar being 80 to 120.

"He can die. He can go into a diabetic coma and die. He's a coward. He let my son get off this bus and left my son pretty much to die. If my daughter was not there, my son wouldn't be here today," the mother said. "All he had to do was call 911. No one asked you to help him, put your hands on him or anything, just call 911, and you didn't," Cynthia said.

The Broward County School Board is investigating the situation and plans to use surveillance cameras from the school bus to assist.

WSVN reported that the school released this statement: "An investigation was immediately initiated by the district and remains on going, at this time. District staff will continue to work with the family and provide updates accordingly."

The Broward County student is now doing well and has returned to school with an increase in his medication.



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