Scrabble introduces first-ever fan voted word to dictionary, first addition in over a decade

By Gina DiFalco,

Attention all Scrabble fans! Hasbro has announced that a new word has been added to The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary - geocache. The new word has been chosen by fans and beat out 15 other nominated words.

On Thursday, Jonathan Berkowitz, Hasbro's vice president of marketing, said the new addition to the dictionary is the first-ever time fans have chosen a word.

"Scrabble fans are passionate about the words they get to play in the game, so we were thrilled to get them involved in selecting a new word," he said, adding, "We... are looking forward to adding geocache as a legal, playable word," Reuters reports.

For those who want to start using the word geocache right away – hold tight. The newest addition of the Scrabble dictionary won’t be made available until later this year. However, those who are competing in national Scrabble competitions are able to start using the word immediately.

Wall Street Journal reports that the addition of the word is the first major change made to the dictionary in over 10 years.



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