Selena Gomez intruder arrested for trespassing, again

By Kyle Johnson,

Selena Gomez seems to have one persistent fan or stalker. A homeless man who was arrested this past Sunday for trespassing on her property, has again been arrested on Friday for the very same thing.

According to TMZ, Che Cruz was picked up by police for trespassing on the singer's property and on Wednesday pleaded no contest to the charge. The judge ruled he be jailed for 45 days, must stay away from Gomez's house for three years and also be placed on probation for three years.

In one ear and out the other it seems since he was found at Gomez's place just two days later.

Cruz was released because of jail overcrowding. The Los Angeles Times reports that nonviolent offenders are often released early when space is needed for violent offenders.

Shortly after being released, Cruz returned to Gomez's house where he first knocked at the front door. After he then once again hopped the fence and went into the pop star's guest house, which is where security guards discovered him.



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