Sen. Marco Rubio and others look to find possible supporters at NRA convention

By Kyle Johnson,

At the National Rifle Association's yearly convention in Indiana, several possible GOP presidential candidates spoke up about gun-rights in their effort to drum up supporters.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and former Sen. Rick Santorum took to the podium in Indianapolis and railed for gun-rights, The Associated Press reports.

During his turn to talk, Pence spoke about Indiana progressively allowing people to carry concealed weapons into state parks.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Rubio spent his time trying to cover every reason to protect gun rights. He took to telling people at the convention that guns are necessary for families, as he seeks to improve his image and rating in the NRA. Many don't think he is a strong supporter of guns.

In his 10-minute speech, the Florida senator said that to achieve the America Dream, families need to feel secure in their homes and instead of relying on the government, they should be armed. "The safety of our families is not something people should hope government can provide."

He said that gun policy should be determined "by common sense" and not through emotional outcry following mass shootings, like liberals.

When Santorum spoke, he said that on top of the Second Amendment being targeted by liberals, so too is religious freedom and the First Amendment.



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