'The Simpsons' Recap: 'What to Expect When Bart's Expecting'

By May Chan,
Bart works his baby-making magic on his art teacher

As Barney Gumble makes his trek to Moe's, he notices that his usual drinking grounds is closed for a meeting. A tear falls from Barney's face as he attempts to look in the window of Moe's.

Moe holds a meeting to discuss how the turnout for the bar has been low, so what's the deal?

When Moe holds drinking event, Homer and his buddies join in the festivities leaving Homer past out in front of his home in the morning before his kids leave on the school bus. Embarrassing much?

Meanwhile, Bart feels smothered by his art teacher, who encourages nothing but the best from her students. However, Bart wants to get rid of his teacher.

When Bart visits a voodoo specialist, he receives some materials to cast a spell on his art teacher, yet his teacher still shows up to class the next day surprising Bart.

Even though the spell was meant for a stomachache, Bart receives some startling news: his teacher is pregnant.

Ralph announces that Bart got the art teacher pregnant. The student body, including Lisa, is in disbelief. Then, Milhouse comes out shouting that Bart got the teacher pregnant. Gasps all around.

After Principal Skinner grills Bart, Homer picks his son up complaining how embarrassing it is to find out Bart's bad news during his arraignment.

When a couple approaches Bart about his baby-making skills, Bart utilizes his voodoo spell etiquette to give a couple a baby.

The spell works, and the couple returns to ask Bart if could cast the same spell for their couple friends in the same position. Bart naively demands $5, or no return of driver license.

When Homer discovers what his boy has been up to, he says while choking his son, “I'll teach you to answer people's prayers!”

Homer takes Bart to Moe's to discuss Bart's problems before Fat Tony's cronies come into the bar to kidnap Homer and Bart. Moe aims a gun at the cronies because he doesn't want them to take his paying customers, but Homer reveals that he doesn't have any cash on him. Moe allows for Homer and Bart to be kidnapped.

Homer initially thinks that Fat Tony orders the kidnapping, so that Bart can work his baby magic for Fat Tony, but it turns out that the crime boss wants Bart's skills to work on his horses.

Not only does Fat Tony want his horses to breed, but he would prefer a male horse.

Homer sees this as an opportunity to show Bart how babies are made. Nonetheless, the stallion turns out to like playing “It's Raining Men” than making babies with the female horse.

Will Homer and Bart be able to work some voodoo magic or swim with the fishes?

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