Sister of suspect says sibling shot pregnant woman in self-defense

By Michelle Kapusta,

Virginia Wyche’s sister said her younger sibling acted in self-defense when she shot pregnant woman, Markeisha Brooks.

According to the New York Daily News, who first reported the news, the suspect’s sister, Katrice, made the claim that her sister was forced to pull the trigger. She alleged that her sibling had no other option, but to do so when Brooks showed up at her Jacksonville home with a group of people to jump her.

"She had three other people with her to guarantee that my sister got beat up, but it did not work out like that," the suspect’s sister said Tuesday. "The girl slapped my sister! When she went to hit her again, that's when my sister shot her."

First Coast News reported that Wyche, 35, shot the 23-year-old pregnant woman on April 23. Brooks was taken to the hospital for her injuries. Her family told the station that she lost her child as a result.

Wyche is being held on 1,000,000 bond.

The entire incident stemmed from an argument the two women allegedly had on Facebook.



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