Small plane's wreckage found in San Pablo Bay

By Kyle Johnson,

The wreckage of a small plane was found in San Pablo Bay on Monday, but the whereabouts of the pilot were not reported.

Authorities say that the Cessna 210 crashed into a Korean War-era show plane, a Hawker Sea Fury TMK 20, while both were in the air, reports The Associated Press. The show plane was able to safely land after the collision near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

Witnesses say that the Cessna went out of control and spiraled into the extension of the San Francisco Bay. It isn't known how many people were in the plane and rescue crews were not able to determine if the pilot was found with the plane.

According to Fox News, county Undersheriff Jim Wegner said the show plane's occupants, a husband and wife, were fine after they safely landed.

Both planes were participating in the Pacific Coast Dream Machines festival, which is held at the Half Moon Bay Airport. The crash occurred as both planes were heading back home.

Information, such as the pilots' names and any damage the Sea Fury suffered have been withheld, with the latter due to the National Transportation Safety Board's current investigation into the incident.



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