Soccer player allergic to her own sweat

By Marie Blake,

Caitlin McComish, a soccer player, suffers from allergies of her own sweat.

The Daily Mail reports that McComish, a 20-year-old from White House, Ohio, suffers from a severe condition called cholinergic urticarial, a hives disorder that occurs when the skin is exposed to sweat and heat.

When playing soccer, McComish often breaks out into hives and suffers throat swelling, usually needing medical attention.

McComish spoke to ABC News about a recent event which caused her to seek treatment for her condition.

McComish was out for a run in her hometown when she suffered serious symptoms.

"I had a really upset stomach, tingly palms and the bottoms of my feet. I was really, really itchy," McComish said. "It hit me like uncomfortable heat waves. Then I could feel the swelling in my throat, and my tongue got tingly and thicker."

McComish went into shock 17 times at the University of Toledo soccer field, despite wearing cooling vests and taking ice baths beforehand.

McComish was recommended to the Cleveland Clinic. There, she met Dr. David Lang, chairman of the department of allergy and clinical immunology. Lang prescribed Xolair, a drug used to treat asthma.

McComish's condition improved and she is able to continue playing soccer. She is also no longer allergic to peanuts, mangoes, sesame seeds and celery.

McComish explained that she is going public with her condition so that others with the same symptoms will search for treatment. In a survey of 500 students, 10 percent have a form of the disease, some less serious and easily manageable.



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