Spacecraft LADEE ends its mission at the moon

By Rebekah Penner ,

NASA’s LADEE spacecraft at the moon has ended its mission. The spacecraft impacted the lunar surface on Friday after running out of fuel.

LADEE completed a six-month mission after studying the atmosphere of the moon, including dust particles, reported Spaceflight Now.

The mission, costing $280 million, met all its objectives, which included using a laser communications system. In addition to inspecting the moon’s atmosphere and dust particles, LADEE spent a short time collecting scientific observations and testing the engineering limits.

At the beginning of April, LADEE was called to lower its orbit of the moon to be less than one mile from the surface of the moon.

LADEE was 7.7 feet long and 4.4 feet wide.

LADEE made it through the lunar eclipse last Monday when the Earth went between the moon and the sun. It was originally unknown whether or not the chilled temperatures would affect the spacecraft’s instruments that were created to normally operate over warmer temperatures.

Below is a video explaining LADEE's mission.



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